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Reflexology & Me

Here’s a little blog explaining how I got started on my reflexology journey.

How Reflexology Found Me

My first encounter with reflexology wasn’t a planned one. I knew a little about it but hadn’t gone through the process most people go through when they want to try a new therapy; researching the treatments, reading reviews of local therapists and choosing someone you feel suits you best. In fact at the time I wasn’t even considering reflexology treatments… I had been diagnosed with cancer just one week before my 30th birthday and I was reeling from the shock of it all.

However it was this diagnosis that brought reflexology to me, because it was offered to me as part of my cancer treatment. The hospital I was under offered every cancer patient 6 free reiki sessions, provided by the wonderful Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust*, and 6 reflexology treatments. I remember being delighted, and amazed, that the NHS were not only recognising the benefits of holistic therapies, but offering them to patients for free. Naturally I jumped at the chance to have both of these treatments. As a reiki practitioner I was already familiar with this treatment but I was keen to learn more about the reflexology and how it could support me as well.

My First Treatment

I remember the first reflexology treatment vividly because I was really nervous. My emotions were heightened due to the stress and anxiety of a cancer diagnosis and needing to go through 12 rounds of chemotherapy. I had entered a fear bubble where everything had been taken out of my hands and my future was unknown, leaving me feeling drained by an emotional rollercoaster I couldn’t seem to get off.

The reflexology was a welcome break in it all, just going to that appointment had given me a focus and something in the diary that wasn’t a blood test or a 4 hour chemotherapy session. This was an hour of quiet relaxation time just for me and that felt really special. The reflexologist was very friendly and immediately put me at ease. We chatted about the cancer of course, but we also chatted about other things such as travels, plans and things that maybe I could do when I had good days. She offered suggestions and support and in that respect was counselling me as well as treating me with reflexology. I remember being amazed at what she could feel in my feet; the tightness in my shoulders and the aches in my lower back. The treatment itself was so relaxing and I always left that space feeling so much lighter than when I entered. An extra bonus was the improved sleep I had that night and for every night that followed a treatment. I loved this therapy and I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t come across it before!

Positive Results

When I had my review 2 months into my 6 month chemotherapy course I was stunned to discover the scans showed no visible signs of my cancer. Of course I had to complete the course and do a further 8 treatments to be sure it was gone, but I could cope with that because I knew we were beating it. To this day I am convinced that the reiki and the reflexology treatments supported the chemotherapy and encouraged my body to recover quickly. Physically the reflexology helped my body to cope with the side effects and helped it restore its natural balance. It supported me emotionally too and a treatment ensured I was making time to relax and organise my thoughts. Overall the reflexology treatments helped me to stay positive and enabled me to believe that I could, and would, recover.

Becoming a Reflexologist

It is no surprise that a few years down the line I decided a career in reflexology was for me. I wanted to be able to offer a supportive space to clients and provide treatments that encourage their wellbeing, both physically and emotionally. So I put this plan into motion and spent a year studying to achieve the highest level of reflexology available in the UK. I also built a treatment room at home that is cosy and welcoming and would allow me to see clients without worrying about renting a space.

Since then I have enjoyed building my business and love the positive feedback I receive from my clients. I have completed further qualifications in reflexology for fertility, pregnancy and babies to widen the services I offer and the range of people I can support; I believe reflexology should be available to everyone.

Reflexology Benefits

I don't just provide reflexology, I see a reflexologist regularly so I can reap the benefits of treatments too!

The benefits of reflexology include:

· Reduced Tension

· Better Sleep

· Improved Mood

· Greater Sense of Well-being

· Making Time for Yourself

Reflexology can be tailored to suit your needs and any conditions you are suffering from, both physically and emotionally. If reflexology is something you have been considering and you would like to know more, please contact me and we can discuss how a treatment could benefit you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and maybe I’ll get to see you in my treatment room soon!

* For more information about The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust visit http://www.cancertherapies.org.uk/

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