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Reproflexology™ involves specific reflexology techniques to support females & males with fertility and conception.


Claire has undertaken specific training to learn these techniques and gain a greater understanding about the lifestyle and health factors impacting a person's fertility & conception journey. 

A Reproflexology™ treatment is not just reflexology. Claire takes into consideration your medical history & lifestyle and together you discuss changes that may improve your health and fertility. Added to that Claire understands the emotional journey you will be on and her approach is a very sensitive one. She aims to help you find balance, reduce stress and sleep better as part of every treatment.

What to expect

  • If you are in a couple, it is recommended that you both come for reflexology treatments.

  • The first step is to complete a questionnaire and return it so Claire can gain an understanding of where you are in your journey, research anything if needed and make a plan for treatments going forward.

  • Then you meet to discuss your medical history, lifestyle factors and a possible treatment plan. For female clients, you will discuss charting the menstrual cycle and Claire regularly reviews the charts as part of her support. 

  • A reflexology treatment is included at every consultation and two treatments for joint consultations - one each.

  • Claire will suggest ideal intervals for treatments (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) depending on your needs. 

  • In-between treatments Claire is always available for support, for example to give advice with your charting.

If you would like to learn more about Reproflexology™ please don't hesitate to call and discuss how it could support you.